Online Dance Sessions With Maestro Manjari Chaturvedi

Manjari is a dancer with an innate sensitivity and capacity of understanding the body movements and their language. For twenty years she has been travelling around the world performing her unique dance. Manjari’s expertise, patience and calm presence has encouraged students to keep coming back for more in-depth study of this beautiful dance form. She teaches a structured classical dance tradition with specific grammar, Kathak, a rich heritage of Indian culture. Expressions through body movements, emotions, music, creativity is her trademark. She encourages her students to dance with free-flowing energy to explore the Self through the language of the body. The Sufi traditions of whirling that she has incorporated in her dance she teaches the students as a medium of beyond the body experience. She has created her own concept of “naad meditation” where she uses the sound of the ghungroos (ankle bells) to teach the students to align their minds to the sound of rhythm using their own bodies to create sound. It is a skill that is honed after practise and works as a self help for meditation for students. Anna Pohlmann of Psychotherapeutic Institute for Dance Therapy (PITTH) who trained under Manjari Chaturvedi uses this sound meditation extensively with her own students in her institute. Manjari teaches in her own dance studio in New Delhi in regular workshops and also uses the online interface to teach students outside her city and country, thereby bridging the barrier of language and boundaries through the unspoken language of dance.