Audience Response

"Precious moment...God bless you, you are doing great work"
Dr. Manmohan Singh
Former Prime Minister of India
"Enjoyed every moment of your dance and the message of unity that you are spreading..."
Smt. Sonia Gandhi
"That was a divine evening Manjari. I am grateful as always for being so warmly invited and indeed blessed to have you as a friend. Affectionately."
Prashant Bhushan
"Upar artificial lights ke heavy beams ki power ka asar our neeche ahsase kamtari ki shikaar shamao ki bebasi..arsh se farsh tak ka manzar bayan kar rahi thi...Khwaja aap me hokar bolte hain..!"
Alhamdlillah Aseem Asha Usman
"I had the opportunity of seeing your performance at the Bio diversity park-Gurgaon courtesy Mukesh and Madhula Bhargava who are dear friends. While I am adequately exposed to cultural programs I must admit that Sufi Kathak was a new experience for me. You were poetry in motion and accompanied by the right musicians our experience helped us transcend time into the eras of have been -but eras that must continue to exist. Congratulations on your efforts and keeping alive what we all Indians must be proud of and love to treasure."
Khushroo Colabavala
"SUPERB!! I have no words....Both Sammy and I loved it!!! And you are a STAR !"
"I also bought my Brazilian guests who were just so"
Kanwal Chaudhuri
"Thank you for Friday evening. You excel."
Alexis Gilani
"That was a stunning beyond belief, goose bumps inducing concert, my special friend. Roam roam dua me leen tha. The qawaals were fabulous as usual, & shefali frost is a find. Lots of love"
Neesha Singh
"Your performance at IIC yesterday was mesmerizing and the blend of poetry, the visuals and your expressions, was so beautiful! After watching your performance and knowing more about the Sufi Kathak foundation, I am really keen to learn from a Guru such as yourself. Could you please let me know how to apply for the classes and from when can I start learning? Best regards and thanks"
"Many Many heartiest best wishes for your Performance of Sufi Kathak. As you have rightly mentioned that nobody does sufi kathak performance except your good self. Keep this good work ahead for future generations." h
Udaybir Sing
"The lbaadat was superb- thanks for the invite. my friend could not stay after the concert, so I too had to leave."
"Yesterday's evening was an absolute delight! We are so happy to be able to finally watch you perform and it was totally mesmerizing! The dance, the music, the setting — everything appeared so much in sync - Truly Wonderful! Our compliments to you for bringing Kathak to a different level — so graceful and beautiful. Vinita joins me in thanking you for making us a part of such a lovely evening."
"Hauntingly beautiful performance as always thank u for the invite. Love"
Vinita Johorey
"Subhan Allah! That was a visual emotional treat. Lots of love"
Neesha Singh
"Thank u for giving us the opportunity to witness an amazing dance....the grace n emotions were evident even from a distance. Thank u. Luv"
Ritu Dangwal
"Congratulations on a wonderful performance Manjari. I especially liked Aamir Khusro composition & your lyrical interpretation. God bless."
Jyotsana Govil
"One of the best performances I witnessed . Itni rooh thi is shaam mai . I can just tell u I cried as -I was really touched..."
Madhu Aparna
"You are beautiful! No one looks as good as you do in white then in black. Came with 2 Pakastani friends they were blown away. What a turn out! You are a star! Congrats"
Geetan Batra
"Wow, congrats. You had the entire IIC stand up and notice. No standing room space either. Had a swell time. Was with friends so had to leave early."
Punk Mudgil
"It was an absolute delight watching you perform last evening at the Biodiversity Park. Have seen and experienced a lot of sufi poetry and performances, but to see you perform and align Kathak with it, was pure magic."
Nidhi Arora
"I was there at IIC fountain lawn and I saw the magic...You mesmerized me and I am in love with Sufi Kathak. Hats off! to you. Keep updating your Delhi events please."
Parvez Alam
"Had a soulful experience , Amazing it was!!"
"What an evening ! Surely a once-in-a-lifetime hear Zarina ji sing live ! Still can't get over it"
"Enchanting Reminiscences...Mesmerizing Manjari ji ...Pulsating Reza...soul-stirring Uday... sheer bliss ... many many thanks Sufi Kathak Foundation"
"Meena Kumari re-born..."
"Great performance; thank you for inviting us!"
You excel ! Wonderful evening; thank you. Uday Bhawalkar was excellent. Alex Amazing...never seen some thing like this ...could not leave early was so good...
"I (am) thankful to you, you tried to introduce a Personality and a symbol of Humanity and love(the purpose of our creation)... In the morning I explained the whole program to my most revered brother Hafiz Shah Taqi Anwar(Shakil Mian) the true descendant of Shah Turab Ali Qalandar. He was very happy and said his blessings and Dua."
Masood Anwar Alavi
"I write this to express the overwhelming sense of wonder and humility that I experienced when witnessing the performance yesterday at the India International Centre. I am from the northern part of Karnataka, and some of my cherished childhood memories are of the songs of the Kannada Sufi saint Shishunala Sharif. Thank you."
Dr. Varada M Nikalje
"Like always, it was a pleasure watching you perform ma'am. Thank you for the wonderful evening."
"Spellbinding, scintillating performance as usual. Your musicians esp the young qawwaal were too too good. Thanks lots of love"
Nammita Bhatia
"Beautiful!!! You are so, so graceful. We had a lovely evening. Thanks a lot for inviting."
Shibani Bawa
"I have been receiving your beautiful invitations 'Dance of the Mystics' for quite some time. Each one is a charming creation of an exclusive aesthetic sensibility. Some are far more brilliant than the renditions of some singers who struggle to sing Sufi Kalaam but don't quite succeed. I have kept them in my record. Sufism has very little to do with one's apparel and appearance which are changeable exterior. One has to be Sufi internally to do justice to Sufi music and dance. I am absolutely elated to observe that you have consistently upheld a very high standard of Graphic Design to draw attention to this unique art-form called 'Dance of the Mystics'...You are doing a splendid job of preserving and promoting an art that is among India's most precious treasure. God bless."
Dr. SS Bhatti
"Hi Manjari. Saw your performance. It was absolutely mesmerizing"
Poonam Sharma
"Congratulations was a wonderful show. No Words to express My three friends from GK , who saw ur prog for the first time were so happy that they want me to keep reserve their seats for all ur future programmes & ask me to send their compliments to u also With lot of love & blessings to u..."
Smt. Urmil Rawal
"Ms Manjari , I was fortunate to watch your mesmerizing performance on 19th Oct this year, being a fan of kabir, Ameer Khusro, Bullch Shah and Ghalib it was a soul curry for me...1 m sure your sufi pearls will be good motivation force for the gen next for which we are working as group..."
Ashok Arora
"What a stunning performance yesterday evening. My hat is off to you!"
David Mees
"Manjari, meri Jan. Tumharey rags ,husn ,aur ruhaniyat ne him sab par jadu kar Diya. Dher Sara jiyo aur yunhi hamari duaven leti raho. Tumhari ADa."
Salima Raza
"Just to say ur splendid :)"
Deepak Kapur
"Great show. Great time I had last evening. Thanx for the fantastic experience. Look forward to more of your performances."
Arnab Banerjee
"Hi Manjari! Your dance was ethereal and the evening divine... As always...loved every moment of it!! God bless...will dream of it for days to come... Love"
Kavita Wadhwa
"Manjari it was a treat CO watch you. congratulations."
Kanak Chaturvedi
"Hi! As usual it was a pleasure seeing u perform. tabla guy was amazing on the holi song. god bless."
Manoj and Neeru
"Beautiful performance Manjari ji! Thanks"
Dhruv Sangari
"Ma'am you were wonderful tonight. Thank you for letting me click. And When the performance got over I overheard people discussing that they were glad that they decided to come. You were indeed great. Have a Good night."
"Congratulations Manjari , one of the very best programme of yours I have seen today God bless u With love"
Urmil Rawal
"Manjari, managed to watch your first fabulous dance before I had to go for an NDTV programme. Was sorry to have missed the remaining dances which Deepa says were a treat for the eyes. Thanks for inviting us. You had obviously put in enormous effort in this. It was definitely worth the effort."
Prashant Bhushan
"It indeed was an evening of the bygone era and I was fortunate to listen to the Begum. Thank you so much Manjari for this wonderful listening feast."
Gopal Verma
"An evening soaked in nostalgia, purest courtesan gayaki & Darbari kathak ... deepest admiration for Manjari Chaturvedi , Zarina Begum for their priceless art. Kudos to Manjari Chaturvedi for her sense of mission"
Dr. Neena
"I am Saumya, and have read a lot about you and the novelty that you have brought co the coveted dance form of Kathak, by imbibing in it the most elegant, Sufism. First, I wanted to take this opportunity to confess that I am an ardent admirer to your poise and art form."
Saumya Baijal
"An eternal i admire you Manjari are charming in every way..."
"What an awesome performance much enjoyed it and the drupad was extraordinary. Congratulations"
"What a awesome experience... just love it"
"Behad shandar show. Badhai!"