Tracing the transgressive woman “Jugni” in the patriarchal poetry of Punjab, India.

This theatrical live musical dance production with multimedia backdrops explores the stories of Jugni through dance and live music. Jugni as a concept still exists within popular Punjabi music today. The character of Jugni is rooted in defiance and rebellion, a deeply transgressive woman that brings a fiery woman character back into the popular vocabulary. In a largely patriarchal society the figure of Jugni when invoked almost always, the jugni signifies a free spirited feminine energy. Much of early Jugni writing is also spiritual in nature and relates to one who understands the world and one’s relationship with God. I find that it more relates to the work I want to do as a representation of the feminine energy that was transgressive, that was a violation of moral or social boundaries. And it has so many layers in the subject, there is romance and there are personal narratives along with a social context and a strong statement almost like a declaration by a woman that actually seems unheard of in a largely patriarchal society.