An initiative to archive and preserve the form of Qawwali and work towards the spiritual music associated with Sufism.

The Qawwali Photo Project is an initiative conceptualized and curated by Manjari Chaturvedi where the untold story of Qawwali unfolds through the eyes of photographers. The  practitioners are photo‐documented with their performance art, their lives and their association with the Sufi shrines where they perform. With this project, we seek to bring forth interesting perspectives as captured through their minds and lenses, with respect to the cultural and social dimensions of the art form that unfold like pages from a visual story.

As part of the project, an online photography exhibition by Dinesh Khanna, Leena Kejriwal and Mustafa Quraishi explores the art form through the power of images as a means of expression and communication. The images of the Qawwali practitioners are uniquely shot amidst the people in an organic, non commercial set up.