The story of Radha Rani, the consort with Lord Krishna and the emphasis in Hindu Vaishnav tradition of reaching the Divine through the feminine.

Manjari Chaturvedi explores the Raas, the dance of Radha Rani through Kathak, rare compositions unravelling the emotions of union with the Beloved, the intensity of separation, the shringar, the messages through the messengers of love, the parrot, the yamuna and all conspiring to bring Radha and Krishna together in Raas. 

This project explores the aspects of the Hindu Vaishnav tradition where the feminine is loved and worshiped in its totality and where Lord Krishna through his life teaches selfless love and the feminine Radha becomes the symbol. And they are the epitome of love. For centuries Radha and Krishna have inspired painters, artists, poets to express love through painting and poetry, music has been composed to bring out the essence of love, dance created to suit the raas and the traditions continue unbroken. And Radha and Krishna till date remain the inspiration for art and love. This unique project explores the feminine force with Lord Krishna, Radha Rani in Vrindavan, the unusual land, where the form of greeting is “Radhe Radhe” and where Radha becomes the medium to reach Krishna. This production preserves the intangible arts, culture, music and poetry performed associated with Lord Krishna.